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Seoul Commtech,Co.,Ltd


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Since established in 1993, Seoul Commtech Co., LTD. has been play a major role in the history of Korea's network industry. The Company's high morale as well as its advanced technology has been acknowledged both at home and abroad. As a result, Seoul Commtech has received a number of service-related certification from a host of public organizations and has vigorously pursued CDMA projects,access-network equipments, and home-network business in overseas markets. Especially, as a member of Samsung electronics, confidently we have been introducing our brand 'Samsung EZON' to customers in the Korean domestic and overseas markets. Samsung EZON is a total brand of home security products, such as Home Network, Home Automation, Video Door Phone, and Digital Door Lock. Focusing on hi-technology and outstanding design We, Seoul Commtech achieved successful business performances in the home security industry and had excellent feedback from our customers. [Details]